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  Introducing SfxO-1

    A gnarly Lo-Fi sound generator for the LTRO-1 Fictional Console.

    Made in a few days for the very first LOSPEC JAM 1.





  • ????     - Generates a random, glitchy noise. ($%&@#!)
  • Boom     - Generates an explosion. (KABOOM)
  • Jump     - Generates a jump sound. (BOOINK)
  • OSC      - The main waveform the sound will be based on.
  • Quant.   - Quantizes the sound pitch to a chromatic scale.
  • Filt.    - Enables/Disables the lowpass filter.
  • P.Start  - The sound's start pitch.
  • P.End    - The sound's end pitch.
  • P.Lfo A  - The pitch lfo amount.
  • P.Lfo S  - The pitch lfo speed.
  • C.Start  - The sound's start crush.
  • C.End    - The sound's end crush.
  • V.Att.   - The volume envelope's attack.
  • V.Sus.   - The volume envelope's sustain.
  • V.Dec.   - The volume envelope's decay.
  • F.Att.   - The filter envelope's attack.
  • F.Sus.   - The filter envelope's sustain.
  • F.Dec.   - The filter envelope's decay.


  Less important stuff

    Although the Television Interface Adapter sound chip is awesome, I found it to be a bit too limiting for this project. For this reason I instead used 8-Bit audio at a nice and chunky bitrate as a default instead. If you still want that traditional TIA sound you can set the bit depth to 1-Bit.

    WARNING: The web version may not work locally. Please play it on this page or play the Windows version.


  Source code

    You can find the source code for the SfxO-1 here.


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Tags8-Bit, Lo-fi, Retro, Soundtoy, weird, Wobbly


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Back at it again you mad "stupid" genius. Loving this a lot. I can see the potential for arcade games. Plus a quick use for game jams hehehe.


You're far too flattering! Genius is an absolute overstatement but I do definitely hope it'll turn out useful in some of ya projects!

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this is awesome! and probably very useful for other participants!


I certainly hope so! I decided to publish ahead of time for that reason. Hopefully it'll help people squeeze in some last minute SFX!