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is there actually people on there

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Well in brazil there are!

(Brasil número um para sempre!)


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I just got the app but I don't have anyone to talk to. Will you make FroggieChat ever have the option to connect to other people who aren't on the same wifi like other social media platforms? (I know its meant to be like pictochat but theres so much more possibilities for this app to have)

Will this come in iPhone as a future feature?


hello! this game is adorable, except for the fact that it's pretty much unplayable for me. whenever my brother (on the same wifi) on android sends messages i can't see them, but he sees my messages sent from PC just fine. everyone else in my family uses android, so this is a problem. are there any plans for a mac or iOS port, and is anyone else havin' this problem?


When I send my Windows PC and two Android devices to the same room, my PC can see everything the Android devices send, but the Android devices can't receive anything (from the PC or from each other)?

is there a way to get premium on a phone?


god bless

Looks REALLY promising <3


So nostalgic. Would love to be able to host a server for this so we don't have to be on the same network.

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Something that kinda bugs me: the app can’t decide between the spelling “Froggy” or “Froggie” (ex. logo is froggie, window title and unity data folder name are froggy). Would also be nice if we could disable some of the movement or import our own graphics/sounds for additional nostalgia. Final request is support for entering text on the standard Android software keyboard in the Android port, the keys are a little small for touchscreens. Other than those, I love it!

edit: oh yeah, the Android version also doesn’t have any way to run Deluxe. Would be nice if that could be added to the downloads here.

edit 2: Mac and Linux builds would also be nice, they should be very easy to create since that just requires a few clicks in Unity.

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PROS: drawing tools are very accurate, would be fun at a real-world LAN party demoscene event.

CONS: I don't like that it automatically assumes my name from my Windows login name. That makes me really uncomfortable for something with online access.

App is LAN only and the constantly scrolling background can't be turned off. Barf.


releasing a lan-only message board during a pandemic is so evil and i love it


This is so awesome!!! Love to see this, chatting with my friends on Pictochat at sleepovers is a good memory for me.


This is such an amazing project but the fact you have to be on the same wifi network really bums me out. If there are any plans to make this able to connect to people accross the net; let me know! I'd donate to you for the cause. 


no it's just like pictochat, remember? this is true nostalgia


maaan heck to that biz. make it BETTER than pictochat i say

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re-download it and press more info when it says dont run and then it should say run anyways

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This is such a good recreation of PictoChat! I would actually recommend this to anyone instead of any messaging application. Cant wait for more updates, keep up the good work!

I like artist!!!! Love it!!!(and the text font is cool)


Wow ... faithful remake, lots of memories with Pictochat!

Hey, sorry if this has already been asked, but is the paid version also available on Android? I downloaded the 4 colour version, but can't see a way to get the full version. 


Please make this official / bigger with server support. I'd unironically use and suggest this to every friend


Could even easily this to Steam with Steamworks server support or something, would be epic

Could easily see it taking off


This is great, would love to be able to set up servers with portforwarding so I can use this with my friends online too.


i wish i could play this but sadly my internet isnt so great and plus only i use this network =(

cool chat though 10/10


Yoo, its so cool that someone else remembers this service. I still use it when at an airport to see if anyone is actually on. lol


If I do ever visit an airport again I'll take my DS, Hopefully we'll run into each other someday :)!

Nice,.... (I do actually take my og DS everywhere for some reason, so there is an actual chance that could happen lol)


Any possibility for a port to iOS devices? My best friend has an iOS while I'm stuck with Android and I would really like to try this out with him as we sometimes can't talk and support each other thanks to teachers qwq

Sorry but I'm currently not planning on releasing FroggieChat on iOS... The process is a bit too much hassle to consider it right now, but if demand for an iOS/OSX version increases I'll reconsider :).


Kinda bummed you can't drag letters like in the original pictochat. Still great though!


Wow someone finally noticed!

I deliberately kept that feature out to see if players actually felt they'd benefit from that feature.

Do you think your chatting experience would be better if you could drag letters?


Yeah, you could do some cool stuff with it. For example, adding text to a drawing would be much easier without the need of pressing enter a bunch of times. 


I used to use it to make custom faces

also, will you bring the faces back?


I'm having some trouble getting a phone, wired LAN and wifi computer to see each other's messages. Yes, they're in the same network. Any idea why it could be?


Probably cross-platform issues


Don't worry, windows and android should be 100% compatible! :)


Hey Tangy!

There's a lot of reasons why you might not be able to connect to each other on the same network. Usually the problem is with the network itself. For example corporate or school networks may prevent devices from finding each other.

Something to try might be to create a hotspot on your phone, connect your pc to the hotspot and try and message from there.

(Do note that usually wired connected devices and Wi-Fi connected devices don't go together very well...)

I hope you figure it out, let me know if you need anything! :)

You should try turning your firewall off on Windows. That made it work for me. Of course, turn it back on right after. The best would be to make an allow-rule in the firewall to allow froggychat.  


This is what ended up making it work, by the way. Made rules to allow FroggieChat, suddenly all devices can see each other.

Will premium content come to android as well?

Currently I don't plan on bringing to premium version to android as well but if there's a significant demand I'll consider it. :)




For the people who paid will their be a update where u dont have to be on same wifi


Sorry to disappoint but the game was deliberately designed to only work on the same network. Yes it's technically possible, but as the original didn't have an online chat, FroggieChat won't either.

curious, would hamachi work with this?


I didn't know about Hamachi? I suppose as long as UDP broadcasting and TCP connections don't break it should work? 

Let me know if you try it out?

that moment when you have friends but you owe your parents 20$



Meme Rating: 20/10 #Relatable


Deleted post



Hey thanks and no u! :)


this will be great once LAN parties are possible again


I miss lan parties...


This is honestly a really good reacreation of Pictochat!! It sucks that you cant chat with other people with different wifi, but keeps it original.



Hey thanks! I'm glad you're having fun!


Hello! Is there any chance it will be possible to chat on different wifis?



Sorry but the game was deliberately designed to only work on the same network. Yes it's technically possible but as the original didn't have an online chat, FroggieChat won't either.

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