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put a private zone


will you be making online chatting soon? like so people can chat across the world lol


The Windows application can receive messages from Android but Android does not receive Windows messages

having this issue too


ik this might be harder than it sounds buuuut could you port this to 3ds it would be boggers


before i buy it, does deluxe work on android? I tried to buy it from the play store app and it didn't show the option ):


nooooo there's no mac support ;-;


For Some reason I can't play on a local network with my friends

Really awesome concept and base, but there's certainly massive room for improvement.

First and foremost, the ability to resize (dynamically) would make things so much nicer, and not be confined to multiple predefined sizes

Secondly, sound design; I know it sounds silly but this application could seriously benefit from some softer, more user-friendly sounds. Things like the clear sound effect, send, etc. are very harsh on the ears and I find myself muting the application very often.

Thirdly, polish! Please, more polish would make using this so, SO much better. Things like:

- Enlarging icons when the mouse is hovering over them

- Small animations for user feedback when you do things like clear your messaging area, send a message, or long-press on the pen icon. Something like screen shake or a small border that quickly flashes would make your actions feel much smoother.

And lastly, for PC users, please please PLEASE allow us to use SHIFT + ENTER, or just ENTER to send a message. It'd make things much nicer.

Seriously though, amazing app, and I hope this grows and becomes more refined over time.

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you can only play with people on your wifi network




would you ever consider releasing to steam so that the game could be played online using their servers? personally i think it would pop off.


i agree!


Minor issue, every time I leave and rejoin a room it adds up the amount of people in the room. It's like it never decreases the number when you leave a room.

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Another issue, the built-in keyboard is too small to type with on my phone. Even with a stylus. Could we have a UI scale just like the PC version? My phone has a 1440p screen, but so does most phone nowadays. Another way to do this would be to be able to use the Android keyboard of your liking. 


Seconding the keyboard being too small.

While we're at it, the Windows version could use the enter key mapped to send message.

Hey, I had to turn off my firewall for it to work on Windows. Can you please tell me what ports it uses so that I can make an allow-rule?


Hey, uh… do you do anything to prevent memory leaks? Doing literally anything leaks memory. Even just deleting letters or blanking your canvas leaks memory (even if your canvas was already blank), which if anything should free some up… Of course, the issue is significantly worse when you actually do send messages or when multiple people are in the room.

So, you can chat with anyone also using this within ~65 feet?

if there was a make this so you could make chatrooms with passwords so you can chat with freinds on it, but overall this is a real good concept!

how do I download the android version

find it on google play

Thank, I was able to edit my spelling error in a post I can't see anymore. Awesome. :)

Hi! First of all: great game!

BUT my friends can see me without them seeing each other or me seeing them!


cuteee but please make a build for linux wehh

but when i downloaded it worked. and the next day i got this message so yeah. do you know what is this?


i got this message :

the application could not start properly (0x000007b)
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The deluxe version comes with some extra colors and a crown 👑. Press & hold on the color field to pick any of the 36 colors.

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Would be cool if this could be ported to be an XMPP client

Crying I bought this thinking it had online lobbies so I could draw with friends...

It is stated on the main page, but accidents happen. You can apply for a refund here.

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Noo it's fine I think it's a great app. I'll find a use for it some day and I certainly won't miss a dollar. <3 - More just wishing it had online support, but keeping the app pure to the OG experience is a valid reason not to.


try using radmin vpn and make a server and ask your friends to join and download it

What did you program this game in?

Unity! :)

is there actually people on there

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Well in brazil there are!

(Brasil número um para sempre!)


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Deleted 331 days ago
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I just got the app but I don't have anyone to talk to. Will you make FroggieChat ever have the option to connect to other people who aren't on the same wifi like other social media platforms? (I know its meant to be like pictochat but theres so much more possibilities for this app to have)

Will this come in iPhone as a future feature?


hello! this game is adorable, except for the fact that it's pretty much unplayable for me. whenever my brother (on the same wifi) on android sends messages i can't see them, but he sees my messages sent from PC just fine. everyone else in my family uses android, so this is a problem. are there any plans for a mac or iOS port, and is anyone else havin' this problem?


When I send my Windows PC and two Android devices to the same room, my PC can see everything the Android devices send, but the Android devices can't receive anything (from the PC or from each other)?

is there a way to get premium on a phone?


god bless

Looks REALLY promising <3


So nostalgic. Would love to be able to host a server for this so we don't have to be on the same network.

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Something that kinda bugs me: the app can’t decide between the spelling “Froggy” or “Froggie” (ex. logo is froggie, window title and unity data folder name are froggy). Would also be nice if we could disable some of the movement or import our own graphics/sounds for additional nostalgia. Final request is support for entering text on the standard Android software keyboard in the Android port, the keys are a little small for touchscreens. Other than those, I love it!

edit: oh yeah, the Android version also doesn’t have any way to run Deluxe. Would be nice if that could be added to the downloads here.

edit 2: Mac and Linux builds would also be nice, they should be very easy to create since that just requires a few clicks in Unity.

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PROS: drawing tools are very accurate, would be fun at a real-world LAN party demoscene event.

CONS: I don't like that it automatically assumes my name from my Windows login name. That makes me really uncomfortable for something with online access.

App is LAN only and the constantly scrolling background can't be turned off. Barf.


releasing a lan-only message board during a pandemic is so evil and i love it

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